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ZHENGYE TECHNOLOGY Automatic X--ray Inspection Machine


Application introduction:

The equipment has a set of Xray imaging system, four-axis robot automatic loading and unloading, online automatic detection of discrete components in the semiconductor industry, and can adapt to 7-inch, 11-inch, and 13-inch trays. The device emits X-rays through the Xray generator, penetrates the inside of the chip, and receives the X-rays from the flat panel detector for imaging. The image is analyzed and judged through image algorithms to determine good and defective products, and through the re-disc function, it is determined that the chip is in place. The serial number in the tray, so that the back end can pick out the bad chips.

feature of product:

ØThe algorithm software is powerful:

1. The self-developed replay algorithm can replay in real time, and replay while taking pictures.

2. Rich man-machine interaction functions. The interface picture can be dragged, zoomed, and you can double-click the NG chip on the replay chart to index and display the original picture, NG type and other information of the chip.

3. The self-developed detection algorithm can automatically and accurately detect defective items such as the line type of the chip and the chip guide.

4. The software has functions such as scanning code, MES uploading, and manual re-judgment.

5. High detection efficiency: the entire disk matrix type drawing, no need to pull the material coil; with CCD vision positioning system, the robot automatically feeds the material. It takes 3min (3000pcs) to inspect the 7-inch tray.

6. Production line docking: with the function of docking with AGV.

7. Safety and environmental protection: The entire equipment is interlocked safely, with triple protection functions, and any part of the surface of the fuselage meets the safety radiation standards.

Inspection items:

1. Foreign matter inside the IC (such as: metal wire, extra wire, extra Die)

2. IC linear defects (such as: line collapse, line swing, tight line, high line arc, line arc, low, flat top, flying line, low line, broken line and other bad products


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