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Online Automatic X-ray Inspection Machine XG5130A
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The X ray machine is used to detect rectangular soft packaging lithium battery and automatic sorting OK/NG product.

Online Automatic X-ray Inspection Machine XG5130A sample :

High productivity

 Suitable for lots of square soft packing polymer battery.

High testing efficiency

A set of imaging system, two sets of the manipulator alternately, realize the Online detection analysis,and daily inspection more than 30 k.

Automatic sorting

Automatic detection and sorting OK/NG products.

Modular design with good expansion

Automatic battery loading and unloading.

Fast model changing

Fast changing different model battery, replacement time within 0.5 H ~ 2 H.

Safety and environmental protection
The whole equipment safety interlock, triple protection function, any part of the fuselage surface radiation meet safety standards.

Software functions:
1. Automatic measure alignment of negative and positive, and statistics the maximum and minimum values.
2. Automatic judge and sorting OK/NG products.
3.Good tracking system. Scan and record the battery code to tracking testing results.

Detection system:
1. A set of micro-focus X-ray imaging system with free maintenance .
2. Save detection images in time.
3. Convenient observation with large images display window.

X-ray Tube

Tube Voltage


Tube Current

MAX 89uA

Focal Spot Size


Cooling Mode

Strong wind cooling

Image-forming  System

Field of View Range



75/110 lp/cm

Camera Resolution


Detection Precision

Repeat accuracy



Detection Efficiency


False Rate


Missing Rate


Qualified Rate


Safety Standard

International Radiation Safety Standards


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