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Online X-ray Inspection Equipment XG5200
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Lithium Battery X-ray Inspection Equipment XG5200 is mainly applied for the battery industry. X-ray penetrate

 through the inner of the battery with X-ray transmission principle. The machine automatic measure the alignment 

of the positive and the negative of the winding battery,and sorting the OK/NG products, intelligent match the AB

 model according to the a standard at the same time . OK products are transported into the next manufacture

 process by the belt  .

1.Automatic detection

Automatic detection and sorting OK/NG product.

2.The database modeling

Customers can freely modeling models as many as 60 according to the testing standard.Automatic switching by reading bar code or QR code .

3. Real-time monitoring

All actions ,signal,and the state of the hardware are real-time monitored and displayed on the software interface .

4.Intelligent matching battery

Software automatic determine the A or B type batteries, match the AB model together into the next manufacturing process.

5.Images and data online displaying.

In order to convenience of observation and recognition,data and images of many parts of the same battery test are shown in the same software interface.

6.Safety and environmental protection
The whole equipment with good protective function,  all part of the fuselage surface radiation meet safety standards.

X-ray Tube

Tube Voltage


Tube Current

MAX 450uA

Focal Spot Size


Cooling Mode

Strong wind cooling

Image-forming  System

Field of View Range




X-CCD Resolution


Detection Precision

Repeat accuracy



Detection Efficiency


False Rate


Missing Rate


Qualified Products Rate


Safety Standard

International Radiation Safety Standards


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