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Peel Strength Tester BL12
Brand: ASIDA 
Model: BL32
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Peel Strength Tester is used in measuring adhesion strengh between tinsel and baseplate of copper clad laminate or printed circuitboard.

1.Patented design,attractive appearance.
2.It is equipped with ASIDA high-quality force gauge,which makes accuracy.
3.You can freely switch the units including N,kg,lb.
4.You can freely change the testing jig.This machine is equipped with a flexible jig and a rigid jig.
5.Maximum,minimum,average of force can be measured.
6.It is equipped with appropriative software and can print the graph of force.
7.Standards-compliant Conform to 7.1 of IEC-326-2 Printed Circuit Board Testing Method;Conform to GB/T4677-2002 7.1.1;GB/T13557-92;IPC-TM-650 2.4.9 standards.





 MAX peel stroke


 MAX pull force

5kgfor 49N or 11lbf

 Measurement accuracy

±0.1NBase on 49N

 Measurement speed


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