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X-RAY Intelligent Counting Machine

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The equipment has a set of X-RAY imaging system, drawer-type telescopic unloading material plate, and 5 sets of product confirmation induction. It is mainly used for counting taping components in the semiconductor and SMT industries, and can be adapted to 7-15 inches material plate (thickness 4-80mm). The X-rays are sent out by the X-RAY generator, penetrate the material plate, receive the X-rays by the flat-panel detector for imaging, and count the points through the image algorithm. It can be equipped with tools such as code scanning gun, code scanning CCD and printer, upload the test results to the MES system, and print the results according to the required format and attach them to the product.

1、Reduce process:   code reading + counting + input system in one step

2、Smart counting:  Multiple material disks of materials, random materials, and desiccant blocking materials are not a problem, counting accuracy: 99.95%

3、Automatic Fool-proofing:  material label error-proof mechanism, full induction recognition of the material plate, automatic coding and fool-proof labeling

4、Data management:  Information is bound to MES, connected to ME system, and data is automatically updated

5、Safety protection:  Safety grating, anti-pinch hand; safety interlocking of the whole machine, triple protection, any part of the fuselage surface meets the safety radiation standard

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