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Industrial Automatic X-ray Inspection Machine

Zhengye Technology provide intelligent industrial solutions and automation for electronic components manufacturers over 21 years.

In the production process of electronic components such as fuse, the detection of small electronic components is particularly time - consuming, because optical detection can only detect the appearance of the fuse, unable to detect the inside of fuse , resulting in its internal structure detection process restricts production efficiency; in the face of its difficulties, Zhengye Technology has introduced a fully automatic X - ray inspection machine, the main way of detection is to rely on X - ray through the fuse inside, according to the X- ray penetration of the workpiece is different, form a black and white image to judge OK / NG ( as shown in the figure below ).

▲ X-Ray Image of Electronic Fuse

▲ X-Ray Image of Missing copper sheet


▲ X-Ray Image of Missing Spring

Compared with destructive testing, X - ray internal perspective testing of fuses has been praised and widely used by many well-known enterprises. Facing the problems of low detection speed, high labor cost and etc. Zhengye Science And Technology has developed a fully automatic X-Ray inspection machine for the internal structure of fuses.


▲ X-Ray Machine at Workshop

Highlights of X-ray Inspection Machine:
1.Full automatic. Automatic load, automatic test, automatic unload without any worker.


2.Automatic Sorting: The NG product are sorted into the NG box, and the OK Products will go to the next step by conveyor belt.


3.Detection efficiency is as high as 85 pieces per minute. 5 fuses were detected at the same time.


The automatic X-ray inspection machine improve production efficiency and save labor cost for electronic components manufactures.
In the future, Zhengye Technology will strengthen our R&D capabilities and provide more intelligent solutions for electronic company.


▲ Zhengye Technology automatic X-ray inspection machine won
Guangdong province High-tech Product Certification

▲Zhengye Technology automatic X-ray inspection machine won
Dongguan city Science and Technology Progress Award Certificate