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How to Choose A Suitable UV Inkjet Machine?

Today we analyze the structure of Legend Inkjet Printer from the platform type and width of the device.
I. platform type of device:
Flat plate type: the entire platform can only put the plate type material, the advantage is for very heavy materials, the machine also has very good support, the level off of the machine is very important, too heavy material on the platform platform will not deformation, this is very important for the stability of the printing output! Disadvantage is to be able to output plank material only, output format has limitation, output limits is in commonly 2.5 meters *1.3 meters (suit material such as ceramic tile, heavy metal).
Flat amphibious type PCB Printing Machine: it is the plate material can also, volume type material material can also be, advantages this type equipment applicability is very wide, basically all materials can be output, (lamp, all through, wallpaper, KT board, snow, board, wood, glass, etc.), disadvantage because the material is through the conduction band transmission out forward, bag to the very heavy material conduction band will have a certain degree of minor subsidence deformation. In view of the need to often output very heavy material requirements or suggest the choice of flat plate type equipment.
Coil to coil type, can only output volume type material, the advantage for need more wide pure volume of material that is very suitable for such as need to output the demand of the 5 meters wide, disadvantage can't output plate material, the applicability of smaller, so more pure coil type equipment is used in the output of the outdoor advertising industry demand of 3.2 m or 5 m wide.

Summary: if your customer needs are very wide application, may want to consider the development of the future may encounter a variety of different customer needs, that flat roll dual-use type must be the most suitable for you, of course, after a more targeted business can be added to a pure platform or coil to coil type equipment.

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