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Do You Know Anything about X-Ray Detection Equipment?

Circuit X Ray Inspection Machinecan also reduce manual detection at the end of the production line, such as fine-spacing devices that cannot be fully detected using AOI (depending on the type of system used), or other BGA detection methods (such as using Ersascope).
Another advantage of X-ray detection is that it can solve quality problems. X-ray detection does not require potentially destructive rework or microdissection, both of which increase costs and result in component obsolescence. Microsection also requires the operator to guess what the problem is based on what he has learned.

There are many suppliers and systems out there, and among all the ways to evaluate your investment in equipment, it's best to start with the "must-have list" you've already made. We assume that PCB X-Ray Inspection Machineprice (and return on investment) is part of the evaluation equation, and of course, the selected system should be large enough to hold the object you want to test.

PCB X-Ray Inspection Machine