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What Are the Common Faults and Treatment Methods of PCB Laser Cutter?

UV Laser Depaneling Machine should pay attention to maintenance during use. When there is a problem, master the following maintenance methods, and you will get sick.
First, the computer and PCB Laser Cutter are not online
Whether the scan switch is on: Turn on the scan switch.
Is the motion system energized: Check that the motion system is powered and normal.
Is the DSP motion control card damaged: Replace the DSP motion control card.
Is the signal cable loose: Re-plug the signal cable and secure it.
Second, no laser output or laser is weak
Whether the optical path is offset: carefully adjust the optical path.
Whether the reflective lens is contaminated or damaged: clean or replace the reflective lens.
Whether the focal length of the device changes: refocus the focus.
Concentration of the focusing mirror: Clean the focusing mirror.
Whether the cooling water quality or water temperature is normal: replace the clean cooling water to bring the temperature to a normal value.
Whether the cooling water circulates: clear the cooling waterway.
Whether the laser tube is damaged or aged: Replace the laser tube.
Whether the laser power is on: Check the laser power supply circuit to make it normal.
Whether the temperature of the whole machine is too high: 1. Shut down to lower the temperature; 2. Ventilate to strengthen the heat of the machine; 3. Adjust the ambient temperature.
Is the laser power supply damaged: Replace the laser power supply.
Third, there is no reflection of the boot
Whether the power fuse is burnt out: replace the fuse.
Is the power input normal: Check the power input and make it normal.
Is the main power switch damaged: Replace the main power switch.
Fourth, the slider movement is not ideal
Whether the trolley slides and sliders are contaminated: clean the slides and sliders.
Whether the rails are contaminated: Clean the rails and add lubricant.
Is the transmission gear loose: tighten the transmission gear
Is the drive belt loose: Adjust the belt tightness.
Fifth, the cutting / engraving depth is not ideal
Whether the cutting/engraving processing parameters are normal: Set the appropriate processing parameters.
Is the laser power setting normal: Set the laser power correctly.
Laser output is weak: see point 2.
Sixth, the processing size has errors or motion errors
Is the whole machine and computer grounded properly: Ground the device and computer well.
Is the signal line normal: Replace the signal line.

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