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The Technical Scope of PCB UV Laser Drilling Machine Covers Many Fields

The technical scope of PCB UV laser drilling machine covers many areas:
(1)Mechanical manufacturing technology;
(2) Information processing and transmission technology;
(3) Automatic control technology;
(4) servo drive technology;
(5) Sensor technology;
(6) Software technology, etc.
As Through Hole Drilling Machine supplier, we know that Vigorously developing advanced manufacturing technologies with CNC technology as the core has become an important way for countries around the world to accelerate economic development and improve their overall national strength and national status. With the rapid development of electronic communication products, the requirements for the manufacturing level of PCBs are getting higher and higher, the number of layers of circuit boards is increasing, the line width is getting smaller and smaller, the aperture is getting smaller and denser, and the development of PCB technology is The demand for high-speed and high-precision CNC drilling machines is increasing day by day, and high-end CNC equipment has become the key to affect the PCB manufacturing level.
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