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Congratulations on the 21st anniversary of Zhengye Technology!


21 years, the road that Zhengye Technology has gone through 

1997: established dongguan zhengye electronics co., LTD., which started with pin trade.
1999: established the independent brand of electronic materials "zhengye" and took the road of independent research and development.
2001: won the reputation of "using pins to select the right industry".
2003: set up the r&d center and the independent brand "aisida" for testing instruments; Start the research and development of domestic laboratory instruments.
2007: involved in the research and development of X-ray detector, TDR Impedance Tester and other instruments, and promoted the application in PCB industry.
2012: successfully developed laser equipment series products; Enter the field of X-Ray Inspection Machine in lithium battery industry; Start automatic equipment research and development.
2014: listed on gem of shenzhen stock exchange; Successfully launched the solution equipment series.
2015: founded "zhengye laser" brand; Set up the national postdoctoral research station; Joint jiangmen tuo lian, deepen the layout of lithium electric industry.
2016: PCB two-dimensional code automatic laser marking machine and other automatic equipment were successfully launched; Marriage sets silver technology, peng yu wei, xuanshuo intelligent manufacturing, accelerate the layout of intelligent manufacturing equipment.
2017: founded the central research institute and won the title of "national intellectual property advantage enterprise"; Dongguan city was selected as the enterprise of "doubling plan"; The project of intelligent manufacturing center and nanchang zhengye FPC material intelligent factory broke ground; Marriage of zhengye jiukun, the combination of soft and hard initially completed the layout of intelligent manufacturing field.
2018: won the "outstanding national brand enterprise" of the fourth session of China's electronic circuit industry from 2018 to 2018; In the PCB industry to develop a number of online detection and automation equipment, such as online copper thickness inspection machine, automatic line width measurement instrument, automatic character machine assembly line.
Future: focus on products, focus on the industry, committed to become China's leading, world-class optoelectronic detection automation solutions suppliers; Unswervingly toward the goal of "100 years of brand, 100 billion enterprises" continue to move forward.

Don’t forget your heart, go ahead

In the past 21 years, Zhengye Technology has always held high the banner of "revitalizing national industry as its own responsibility", adhered to the development concept of "scientific and technological enterprise", adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of perseverance and endless struggle, from one small to small The small workshop of Pinning Ventures has developed into a listed group company providing quality products for many industries. It has mastered four core technologies of photoelectric detection automation, machine vision, automation integration and information integration with independent intellectual property rights, including PCB. , FPC, new energy, 3C, LCD panel, automated welding, LED, industrial Internet and many other fields, with high-quality products, innovative technology and first-class service in the industry to win a good reputation, harvesting fruitful results.

Looking back, looking to the future

Looking back at the past, the wind and the rain, the success and the glory, Zhengye Technology is unyielding, not arrogant, not arrogant, grasping the opportunities of the times, bravely marching forward, fighting spirits like the sea, enthusiasm like a volcano, insisting on "industry focus, industry focus" The guidelines, focus on specialization, highlight product features, enhance core competitiveness, and strive to become China's leading, world-class supplier of optoelectronic inspection automation solutions.

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