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Zhengye Technology Held the 2018 Annual Summary and 2019 Work Plan Meeting


On January 21, Zhengye Technology held the "2018 Annual Summary and 2019 Work Plan Meeting of Zhengye Technology Group" and held the "Focus on the Main Business and Dreaming of the Sea" - Zhengye Technology Group's 2019 Spring Festival Evening.

Summary meeting


Xu Dihua which are the Chairman of Zhengye Technology, Xu Guofeng, Xu Diming and Fan Bin which are the Vice President attended the meeting.

Zhengye Technology  

Xu Tong, assistant to the president, presided over the meeting


The heads of the Group's Finance Center, Securities Department, President's Office and IT Process Management Center elaborated on the priorities of the department in 2019.

Zhengye Technology  


The Group's materials SBU, Photoelectric SBU and Lithium-ion SBU Vice-Chairman will report in detail the 2018 annual summary and the 2019 work plan.


Zhengye Technology  

Xu Guofeng, the Group Vice President reports material SBU work

Zhengye Technology  

Xu Diming ,the Group Vice President reports on photoelectric SBU work


Zhengye Technology  

Fan Bin, the Group Vice President reports on lithium battery SBU work


Xu Dihua, the chairman of the group, made an important summary speech.

Zhengye Technology  

Xu Dihua, the Chairman of the Group, made an important summary speech


Finally, Employees took a group photo.

Zhengye Technology

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