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Employee's Birthday Party

The employee's birthday event in the first quarter of 2019 was successfully held at the basketball court of Zhengye Technology Headquarters.
The employees of the company and the young men and women of the surrounding companies participate in the activities. The atmosphere was warm and peaceful, and laughter continued.

Before the event, Zhengye Technology prepared fresh fruits, exquisite gifts and delicious cakes for everyone.

leader's speech

Leadership came to the phenomenon

Group president speaks

Preparation before the start of the competition

Fun competition

Our staff birthday party

In a piece of laughter and laughter, the event ended smoothly. Although the activities were brief, the positive people showed positive, solidarity and enthusiasm, and all the people present in the room. Everyone smiled and smiled, and further enriched the company's corporate culture and execution, and strengthened the brothers with them. The contact of business units will promote everyone's cohesion and work together to achieve a win-win future.

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