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Zhengye Technology Won the China Patent Excellence Award again


Recently, Zhengye Technology invention patent “a laser energy adjustment device and laser micro-machining equipment” (patent number: ZL201610080151.1) won the 20th China Patent Excellence Award. This award is the first in the X-Ray product series of Zhengye Technology. After winning the National Patent Award, he won this award again in the laser intelligent equipment series.

Zhengye Technology

It is reported that the China Patent Awards Conference is jointly sponsored by the State Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization to recognize patent holders and inventors (designers) who have made outstanding contributions to promoting technological (design) innovation and promoting economic and social development. It is the only national government award established by the Chinese government for the patent field and the highest award in the patent industry.

The selection of patent awards shall be recommended by the local IP office, the State Council, the industry association, the academician of the Academy of Sciences and the academician of the Academy of Engineering, and shall be reviewed by the China Patent Awards Evaluation Committee, reviewed by the State Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization. The selection criteria are not only The patented technology (design) is required to have a high level of innovation. It also requires better economic and social benefits after implementation, while emphasizing that patent rights are better protected.

In recent years, Zhengye Technology has focused on photoelectric detection automation solutions, and has successively launched products and services such as “two-light” (laser+X-ray) detection automation, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent production lines, etc., in the face of PCB/FPC, lithium battery And other fields have been widely used.

Invention patent: a laser energy adjustment device and laser micromachining device

Laser micromachining has very high requirements for laser energy stability, and laser power needs to be kept stable. The existing laser energy compensation adjusting device can only sample the pulsed laser through the small power probe 106, and has the following disadvantages: the sampling takes a long time; the pulse signal needs to be collected for calculation within a certain time, but it is impossible to determine whether each pulse signal is Stable, so the calculated power average does not truly reflect the single pulse energy stability and consistency.
The device invented by the company can adjust the laser pulse energy during micromachining, which improves the adjustment speed and accuracy. In addition, the invention also provides a laser micromachining device including the above-mentioned adjusting device, which can realize functions of punching, cutting, welding, etc. through energy adjustment, and finally realizes precision micromachining.

Part of the laser products for the industrialization of award-winning patented technology

PCB Laser Drilling and Cutting Machine(JG23M)

Blind hole processing of double-sided copper-clad foil and copper window processing of HDI board, blind hole with minimum aperture of 50μm and precision of ±20um, advanced flight drilling technology, greatly improve processing quality and efficiency.

circuit depaneling machine(JG18)

It is suitable for the cutting and forming of cover film (CVL), flexible board (FPC), soft and hard bonding board (RF) and thin multi-layer board, as well as window opening and uncovering, which can be used to cut various substrates. Large table top, large processing width; preview function before processing to avoid scrapping the cutting board.

picosecond laser cutting machine(JG32)

It is suitable for the cutting and forming of cover film (CVL), flexible board (FPC), soft and hard bonded board (RF) and thin multi-layer board, and can also be used for cutting various substrates. Really cold processing, basically no carbonization; double countertops, high efficiency; relative to nanosecond processing, cutting speed can be increased several times.

QR Code Automatic Laser Marking Machine

Automatically generate two-dimensional code for raw material procurement, production process and process information, and mark it on the surface of PCB/FPCB to realize traceability and management of products; high precision, fast speed and stable performance; no consumables, environmental protection, no pollution, free maintain.

Over the years, Zhengye Technology has strengthened the creation of intellectual property rights, and has achieved remarkable results in the intellectual property industry in terms of core technologies, key projects, product patent layouts, and the realization of patent quality and quantity.
Up to now, Zhengye Technology has applied for more than 750 patents, authorized nearly 500 patents, and authorized more than 100 invention patents.

Partial laser invention patent certificate

With strong scientific research strength and solid intellectual property work, Zhengye Technology has been evaluated as a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, a provincial intellectual property advantage enterprise and a Dongguan patent advantage enterprise, and has been selected as the president of Dongguan Intellectual Property Protection Association.

honor certificate

In the future, under the state's emphasis and support for intellectual property rights, Zhengye Technology will continue to improve intellectual property management, strengthen core technology research and development, enhance independent innovation capabilities, promote the industrialization of patented technology results, and create more economic and social benefits. The high-quality development of enterprises will help the construction of “scientific and technological powers”.

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