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Prepreg Automatic Cutting Machine (CQ2000C)


Model : CQ200C


Place of Origin: China


Packaging Details: Wooden Carton

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The machine is used for cutting rolled prepreg, to solve the problem of prepreg spreading and too much dust in cutting and after cutting so as to improve the cutting accuracy, quality and efficiency.


A . The first company to adapt infrared preheating technology in prepreg cutting.


B . Low dust, environmental protection, preheating then cutting, automatic sealing side, without drawing;Increase the dust collection device, through the detailed calculation and analysis of fluid, reduce dust, environmental health.


C .Precision:

Using high precision actuator and synchronous servo control system, high cutting precision.


D . High quality:

cut the Pre-preg neatly, automatic edge banding, no drawing.


E . High efficiency:


(1)dynamic heating transverse, longitudinal cutting, cutting efficiency;


(2)After cutting the PP sheet can be used directly, without subsequent sealing side, vacuuming, etc;


(3)The precision of the cutting, further improve the cutting efficiency is further improved;


(4)PP sheet can be automatically stacked;


(5)Parameters can be packed up and brought up directly.

Specifications of  Prepregs Automatic Cutting Machine



Cutting Accuracy



Compared with the traditional purely mechanical cutting

Tidy cutting edge, no white edges & layered & wrinkled and charred carbonation;

more than 98% dust reduced


Cutting Frequency (take 500mm length  as calculation)

≤23 times/min


Cutting Length


Cutting Width


Cutting Thickness



Shear type / cut type;

Continuous Uninterrupted Feeding;

Pointing knife adjustment


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