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Zhengye techonology provide solution for lithium battery manufacturer

According to the forecast, till 2025, the demand for the lithium battery of the word will reach 1243GWh, Output value will reach 979 dollars, The power battery market share will occupy the entire market share of 82.2 percent, It will have an great effect on the lithium battery market.

View the whole scene of power battery, the upstream is rich in lithium ore resources and manufacturing equipment , downstream China occupy the word’s largest new resource car market. Nowadays it has good Environmental policy and subsidies. Faced with the battery shortage and requirement of improving the products performance, lithium battery industries also welcomed the performance of high-speed growth period.

Compared the new general main material, new battery system,high end equipment with the Japan and Korea, there still a certain gap. China lithium industry has urgent need for the adoption of political business research in-depth discussion by the parties.Achieve the creativeness development, drive Chinese lithium industry upgrade. In this upgrading, Entrepreneurs are more responsible.

X-ray inspection machine of Zhengye technology has attained the good effect. Even the application in the electric component industry has achieved the effect of high efficiency and high accuracy. To achieve steady growth in sales, which occupy the great market share and became the leader brand. To be one of the important catch point of 2017 Zhengye technology Annual revenue and net profit.


X-ray Industrial inspection machine series (Model XG5010,XG5130A ,XG5600)


Sample of X-ray industrial inspection machine

Expect the Zhengye technology X-ray Industrial inspection machine , A subsidiary of Xuan Shuo made in the lithium battery manufacturing equipment have been mature development experience.The launch of the lithium PACK automation production line and automatic assembly of lithium solution. The representative product: lithium battery laser ear cutting machine has a heated response in the industry.


Power battery PACK production line

Usage of

The battery PACK production line is used to automatic assembly batteries and tabs (stainless steel) and insulated housing, weld the battery string parallel , Complete voltage testing  and internal resistance test sorting .


 Laser  cutting machine for lithium battery  pole

Usage of  Laser  cutting machine for lithium battery  pole


The Laser cutting machine for lithium battery  pole  is applied to Pole forming and automatic rewinding of continuous coated coil plates during the production process of lithium battery. The pole is actively reel, through the roller, the vertical tension mechanism, Correction mechanism, the introduction of laser cutting polar ear mechanism for polar ear cutting. Through the setting of parameter to control the out shape size, automatic removal after the cutting. When forming the pole ear. The coiling is integrated through the winding mechanism.

 A subsidiary of top-link electronics in the field of lithium battery materials have been grounded so many years, the The battery polar ear products are highly praised.


Materials : Lithium Battery pole ear 

Usage of lithium battery pole ear  

       Lithium Battery  pole  is a kind of conducting medium that to draw the battery internal chemical potential to outside of the battery. It plays an important role in Conducting the charge, isolate inside and outside.

         In the lithium battery industry, Zhengye technology from the raw material supply to automation solution and X-ray nondestructive testing .

         In the future, Zhengye technology will closely follow the wave of new energy. Continuously improve automation, intelligence level, rely on the high quality products and perfect service system. 

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